About Us

As a nonprofit, HAX aims to globalize computer science education for all by hosting hackathons as a way to provide equal opportunities for women and disadvantaged minorities. We are guided by our three core values: inclusiveness, accessibility, and education.

We emphasize these values through our hackathons that are catered towards educating and empowering women and minorities to pursue computer science and using it for social good.

Our Team

Justina Chua

Founder and Executive Director

Justina Chua is an advocate for gender equality in tech and a junior at Vernon Hills High School near Chicago, Illinois. She founded HAX to make computer science more accessible and inclusive for girls and underrepresented minorities after facing discrimination as one of the few girls—if not, the only girl—in CS classes, competitions, and activities. At HAX, she directs all HAX operations and leads the HAX Executive Team. Outside of HAX, she serves as President of CS Club at school and is heavily involved in all-female CS communities as a Stanford she++ Fellow, NCWIT Awardee, and #BUILTBYGIRLS Advisee. In her free time, she enjoys going on boba runs with friends, watching Netflix shows, and reading up on psychology and tech.

Michael Cao

Co-Executive Director

Michael Cao is a sophomore at Penn State University and an advocate for computer science education. His duties in HAX include overseeing all internal activities and making sure everything we do goes smoothly and efficiently. Outside of HAX, Michael enjoys competitive robotics - as an alumni of the FIRST Robotics Competition, he has discovered a passion for robotics and computer science. He also enjoys surfing the web, reading, and chatting with his friends on Discord.

Alicia Chen

Director of Management

Alicia Chen is a current junior in sunny California. As one of the Directors of Management, she handles all internal affairs and communications. She is passionate about challenging the status quo in the tech industry and is an advocate for gender equality. Outside of HAX, Alicia serves as President of Interact Club and Chief of Staff of Model UN Club at her school. She is heavily involved within her community and hopes to one day bridge computer science with medicine!

Anna Xia

Director of Outreach

Anna Xia is a junior at Livingston High School in New Jersey. After joining an all-girls robotics team and the Femgineers club in middle school, she soon developed a passion for computer science and engineering and spreading computer science education to women and minorities around the globe. In the future, she is looking to study Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. At HAX, she recruits and communicates with hackathon hosts and sponsors, seeking to spread CS education to as many students as possible. She also works on the Content Creation Team by drafting guides and compiling resources for hackathon hosts. Outside of HAX, she is the captain of her high school's FTC robotics team, teaches an elementary school robotics class, and participates in forensics public speaking competitions. She loves to cook, watch kdramas and reality shows, play volleyball, and swim and dive.

Audrey Kim

Director of Social Media

Audrey oversees and manages all the posts and pics that you see from HAX's social media platforms! She's excited to put in her share of work for HAX and can't wait to see what the future will hold for our future nonprofit! When she's not crying about life, Audrey likes to go buy boba, feast with Korean food, and consume confectioneries! In the future, she'd like to change the world - she needs a plan for that right now though. Feel free to hit her up with ideas!

Forrest Leung

Director of Business & Marketing

Forrest Leung is a senior at Monta Vista High School in California, with interests in computational finance, mechatronic engineering and graphic design. At HAX, he is the Co-Director of Business & Marketing, where he manages partnerships with organizations, along with overseeing social media campaigns. Outside of HAX, he is heavily involved with the Bay Area CS community, running events like MatadorHacks, OmniHacks, FrontierHacks, and GenHacks, as well as serving as the Regional Manager for CodeDay Bay Area. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends, playing golf, and listening to music!

Isabel Abonitalla

Director of Design, Member of Management

Isa is a bioinformatics and computer science student in Hunter College, NY. She believes in providing accessible STEM education, especially to under-served women and minorities. One day, she hopes to see more WOC in the tech industry and positions of power because they didn't experience the discrimination and lack of representation that she had gone through herself--because being one of only a handful women in upper level classes or hackathons can be quite discouraging! At HAX, she leads the design team in maintaining the branding and providing and improving upon content and other documentation; she also supports the management team in delegating tasks, organizing long-term goals, and coordinating the members throughout HAX. In her free time, she actively participates in her campus' clubs and student government, enjoys binge-watching TV shows and consuming too much fast food.

Peter Cao

Director of Content Creation, Member of Management

Peter Cao is a Junior at Center High School near Sacramento, California. In HAX, he is a co-Director of Content Creation as well as a member of the management team. As co-Director, he helps to make the guides, blog, and website content, as well as making sure that the team's content is ready for publication. As member of the management team, he also helps give direction to HAX. Outside of HAX, Peter is one of the founding members and head of the CS club is his school, and is fiercely committed in opening the opportunity of computer science to all, no matter their identity or beliefs. Academically, he enjoys learning more about maths, physics, and computer science and aspires to become a researcher in quantum computer science. In his free time, he enjoys drinking boba, hanging out with friends, nerding out to Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, and making bad music covers.

Quinna Halim

Director of Content Creation

Quinna Halim is a senior at Northville High School in Michigan. At HAX, she is co-director of the Content Creation Team, where she oversees creation of guides and other HAXathon materials, along with serving as a member of Outreach. She is passionate about wielding tech for social good and hopes to explore her interests in computer science, urban planning, and entrepreneurship to create the future of mobility and explore new ways to connect physical/digital communities. Outside of HAX, you can find her writing for publications, nerding out over public transit and travel guides, crying over code, and obsessing over milk alternatives (not necessarily in that order).

Viraj Mehta

Director of Global Operations, Member of Outreach and Management

Viraj Mehta is a junior at Queen Elizabeth's School Barnet, near London. After running a coding club in his school, he soon developed a passion for computer science education, and hopes to make STEM education accessible, especially for underprivileged students. At HAX, he leads the Global Operations team, helping to improve HAX's outreach internationally. As a member of the management and outreach teams, Viraj also helps run logistics of HAX and helps advertise HAXathons! Outside of HAX, he enjoys public speaking, voicing his opinions on global issues and student government. Academically, Viraj enjoys maths and computer science, and hopes to explore the intersection of computational statistics, machine learning and quantitative finance. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to The Score on repeat and binge-watching Suits.

Olivia Chang

Head of Web Development

Abhiram Pratheek

Member of Content Creation and Management

Anum Ahmad

Member of Design, Management, and Outreach

Beza Amsalu

Member of Design and Content Creation

Caitlin Stanton

Member of Management and Content Creation

Dana Praise Guerrero

Member of Design, Social Media and Global

Emily Kwen

Member of Social Media and Design

Emma Kim

Member of Design and Social Media

Fatima Ali

Member of Design and Social Media

Jillian Holbrook

Member of Operations

Kayla Huang

Member of Business and Marketing Team

Lucas Chu

Member of Outreach, Content Creation, and Design

Mehak Garg

Member of Design

Sashrika Pandey

Member of Content Creation and Web Development

Scott Blender

Member of Operations

Shivali Gulati

Member of Content Creation

Sneha Pullanoor

Member of Content Creation and Management

Stephanie Yen

Member of Content Creation and Management

Trishala Jain

Member of Outreach and Management

Zoe Piccirillo

Member of Public Relations

Estrella Popoca

Member of Marketing and Content Creation

Shane Fan

Member of Outreach and Management