This is HAX.

A global nonprofit dedicated to making computer science education accessible, one hackathon at a time. Ad astra! ✨

🚀 Making computer science accessible, one hackathon at a time.

HAX is an up-and-coming nonprofit founded on the principles of inclusivity, accessibility, and education.

We aim to provide all women and minorities a chance to receive and hands-on experience with programming and computer science, through bringing hackathons to high schools and overlooked areas all over the world!

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What we do

🤝 Our online guides and individual mentorship assist students through the process of organizing their own hackathons at schools, libraries, and communities around the country.

📖 The in-depth guides walk organizers through every single step of planning a hackathon, like securing a venue, getting sponsors, and launching a social media marketing campaign.

💬 Through our Slack workspace, organizers can reach out to our leadership team for one-on-one mentorship, guidance, and advice to help guide them through the process.

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